su̯esor- (*su̯estor)

su̯esor- (*su̯estor)
    su̯esor- (*su̯estor)
    English meaning: sister
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schWester”
    Note: Root su̯esor- (*su̯estor): ‘sister” derived from Root se- : “reflexive pronoun, *own” + common Illyr. -tar, -tor suffix; it was modelled after Root pǝtḗ (r) gen. pǝtr-és, -ós : “father”, Root müté r- : “mother”, Root bhrǘ ter- : “brother”
    Material: O.Ind. svásar-, Av. x ̌aŋhar- “ sister “; Arm. k”oir ds. (*su̯esōr); nom. pl. k”or-k” (*su̯esŏres), gen. sg. k”eṙ (*su̯esros); Gk. ἔορ [voc.] θυγάτηρ, ἀνεψιός Hes., ἔορες προσήκοντες, συγγενεῖς Hes.; Lat. soror “a sister” (in addition sobrīnus “ a cousin by the mother’s side, mother’s sister’s child “, from *su̯esr-īnos = O.C.S. sestrinъ “the sister gehörig”, compare also E.Lith. sesere ́nas “ sister’s son “); O.Ir. siur “ sister “ (*su̯esōr), dat. acc. sīeir, gen. sethar (analogy after müthir, gen. müthar), Welsh chwaer, O.Corn. huir, M.Corn. hoer, hor, Bret. c”hoar; Goth. swistar (gen. swistrs, dat. swistr); O.Ice. syster, pl. systr (Run. sWestar from -ēr), O.H.G. sWester (*-ēr!), O.E. sweostor, suster; vor dem t- insertion neugeschaffen are O.S. O.S. swiri ‘son the MutterschWester”, O.E. swiria “ sister’s son, weather “; O.Pruss. sWestro (in die ü-Decl. ũbergefũhrt) with w perhaps through Ger. influence, for Lith. sesuõ, gen. seser̃s and O.C.S. sestra (in die ü-Decl. ũbergefũhrt) “ sister “ (also FlN) place u̯-loses *sesor- ahead; Toch. A ṣar, В ṣer “ sister “. IE *s(u̯)e-sor- to Reflexivstamme se-, seu̯e-; to ending compare fem. O.Ind. ti-sraḥ “drei”, O.Ir. téoir (*trisores) ds.; contains perhaps yet *sor “wife, woman”? Or from *su-esor (see 343) “ of own blood, relative “?
    References: WP. II 533 f., WH. II 563, Trautmann 258, Benveniste, BSL 35, 104 f.; Pisani, Miscellanea G. Galbiati III, 1951, 7 f., M. Mayrhofer by Brandenstein Studien 32 ff.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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